What is the Brigitte diet?

A consistent weight loss is difficult for many people. No wonder, a change in diet is not always easy to manage – especially if it is to take place very abruptly and combined with a high level of sport. A circumstance that initially deters many participants in most weight loss diets. The Brigitte diet is different. It is a popular German low-fat diet with three pillars:

  • the hour formula,
  • the fat burn kick and
  • the calorie brake.

How does the Brigitte diet work in detail?

You are what you eat. Of course, this principle also applies to the Brigitte diet. So if you want to become healthy, be or stay, you can count on a healthy mixed diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and enough protein. If possible, fat should only be present in smaller amounts (maximum 40 grams per day) and in healthy variants.

The amount of energy in women amounts to 1200/1400 kilocalories in the daily schedule. Men are entitled to 300 calories more because their energy needs are usually higher.

You have to eat three meals a day – without snacks because they do not exist during the Brigitte diet.

Recipe suggestions for the daily or weekly schedule are included. However, once you have internalized the basic rules, you can also be creative yourself.

This applies, among other things, in the field of sports and exercise, which also represents an important pillar. It is all about regular exercise, which is continued not only during but also after the diet.

These include, among others:

  • Exercising (especially a mixture of endurance and weight training),
  • Go shopping on foot,
  • Climbing stairs
  • Going for a walk.

The three most important rules

As already briefly indicated, the Brigitte diet is based on three principles:

The hour formula

Nothing should be eaten for four hours between meals. Why? So the body has more time for digestion and burns more fat. In this time to get no hunger attacks, you have to eat long-chained, long-lasting filling carbohydrates. In addition, a ten-hour break is announced overnight.

The fat burn kick

This involves the consumption of protein-rich foods. They especially help in the evening with the burning of fat and replace at this time larger amounts of carbohydrates.

The calorie brake

This is also an effective way to lose weight. It is based on the theory that foods are good when they help you stay full for a long time and do not hinder fat loss. An excess of carbohydrates that do not saturate but increase insulin levels should therefore be avoided. In general, the energy density of the food eaten should be as low as possible, as can be seen in the case of permitted and unauthorized foods.

What is allowed on the plate?

Basically, nothing is forbidden, however, there are certain foods that should preferably be eaten. This includes

  • Vegetables and fruits that do not contain too many carbohydrates,
  • lean meat and corresponding fish and
  • not too fat dairy products.

What should you do without?

Fatty sausage and meat should be avoided. Unfavorable in the sense of the Brigitte diet are:

  • Sweets and pastries,
  • very sweet and calorie drinks as well
  • extremely greasy products.

The disadvantages of the Brigitte diet

Hardly available, because the diet basically allows everything in good measure and also the exercise program can start moderately and can be increased if necessary.

The benefits of the Brigitte diet

An even and long-term weight loss is quite possible. There are no concrete prohibitions that could seriously endanger the diet system. Quick setbacks can be easily compensated over the next few days.


It is a really practical diet, in which no permanent calorie counting is announced. The diet can be really varied and appealing and thus contributes to a long-term change in diet. In addition, the successful combination of contained vitamins, nutrients and exercise contributes to the body getting everything it really needs.

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