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A Healthy Diet of Humor

On Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat, the song “We Love Raw Veggies and Greens” explains “we’re from New York State, we didn’t like what was on our plate” to introduce the New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods and its two-disc collection of songs and poetry about healthy eating.

Comparisons to the Marlo Thomas classic Free to Be You and Me are warranted by the collection’s humorous approach to its healthy eating agenda and its multi-generational ability to please.
“Junk Food Man” by Jay Mankita asks, “Who’s making money telling children lies about happy clowns eating burgers and fries?” Healthy food poems are performed by Delaware Valley broadcasters like Grover Silcox, whose hilarious attempt at “Peter Piper” will get kids howling.

The project provides a bountiful crop of resources for teachers and parents to plant ideas about good food in their kids’ minds. There is no middle ground in this project, where a happy meal means a healthy meal. Family music superstars such as Tom Chapin, Trout Fishing in America, Justin Roberts, Sara Hickman and Jessica Harper appear on the CD, along with Julian Lennon, Moby and Russell Simmons.

Kathy O’Connell is a contributing writer to MetroKids and host of the Peabody-award-winning Kids Corner, weekdays 7-8pm on WXPN 88.5 FM.

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This is a very refreshing and educational project that is an awesome tool for teaching our young friends about good nutritional eating and leading healthy lives. This 2 CD collection covers the entire spectrum that will be a great resource for teachers and parents alike to use with their young.

This upbeat and sometimes humorous compilation will have our younger listeners glued to their seats, laughing and learning at the same time. This is a MUST HAVE for educational outlets such as Day Care Centers, Pre-Schools and Kindergarden classes. School administrators should take note of this and purchase this learning tool for their teachers.

The international cast of characters, songwriters and performers lend their expertise and time to make this an awesome collection. A who’s who including Tom Chapin, Trout Fishing in America, Justin Roberts, Sara Hickman and Jessica Harper appear on this CD, along with Julian Lennon, Moby and Russell Simmons. The time and effort put into this project is remarkable and they should be applauded for this wonderful piece.

In the first course, “Raw Veggies & Greens” is a cutesy tune that is enhanced by the accompaniment of the children’s vocals. “Super Snappy Paps” reminds me of an old cartoon I saw as a kid. “Big Strong Muscles” is a nice retro type sing-a-long song kids will have fun with.

Jessica Harper excels on “Wonderful Life”. This is a candidate for single release! Sara Hickman’s “Eat My Breakfast” will have mass appeal to the inner-city core kids in a big way. “At Your Library” by Bill Harley will have appeal to some of the older kids in grades 2-5. The pirate motif on “I Sailed On a Potato Chip Ship ” is a blast.

In the second course, Only Human’s “Garden Green" is a pleasant number skillfully performed. “Give In To This Life” by Jann Klose is a nice folksy tune with spiritual undertones. Miss Amy’s “Imagine A Garden” is some beautiful heartfelt prose. American Idol’s Tyler Grady outdoes himself in his reading of “3 Squares Make A Rounded Diet” I absolutely love the retro radio sound in “Beans Are Better” by Russell Simmons.

The incomparable Julian Lennon’s “Jules in the Kitchen” with his British accent is wonderfully refreshing. Cathy Donnelly’s fiddle-enhanced “I Will Give a Seed to the Ground” is a nicely woven tale. Tim Gleason’s “Mother Earth Song” is a moving ballad that is another candidate for single release.

Barry Hay’s powerful voice makes “Power Play” an awesome addition to this collection of tunes and poetry. “Lily’s Song” is a nice, jazzy number that is very relaxing. The reggae inspired “Future” is a nice change of pace and Moby’s “Bodyrock” is a totally awesome tune that will have mass appeal and is one of the best on this CD.

After hearing what I think is one of the best child oriented efforts ever produced, I plan on donating my copy to a local education center so that they can enjoy what I have experienced!

Michael McKenna


"What a tasty bowl full of delicious songs and poems! Kids will learn a lot about healthy eating as they groove to the tunes, and the messages are delivered in such a fun and positive way." -- Beth Blenz-Clucas, Sugar Mountain PR


Excerpt From: The Riverview Times - St. Louis, MO

"Beatle Bob Tells Hipster Kids to Eat Their Greens on a New, Healthy-Eating-Themed Children's Album"
By Chrissy Wilmes, Thu., Aug. 26 2010 @ 11:45AM

The CD is a fundraiser for the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food (NYCHSF). It features some big names like Moby and Julian Lennon, and the artwork was created by the legendary Peter Max, famous for his psychedelic painting style. Here's what Beatle Bob has to say about his contribution to the project, straight from his press release:
I'm on Track 29, and my poem is called "Down At Big Greens." It's a tale about a hip-swinging eatery - Big Greens - where all the cool kids like to hang out at, where it doesn't matter how you dress and the vegan food, drinks and desserts are healthy yet mouth-watering double-delicious. And the hipster hangout also has a cool jukebox filled with out-a-site songs!


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