What is the Brigitte diet?

A consistent weight loss is difficult for many people. No wonder, a change in diet is not always easy to manage – especially if it is to take place very abruptly and combined with a high level of sport. A circumstance that initially deters many participants in most weight loss diets. The Brigitte diet is different. It is a popular German low-fat diet with three pillars:

  • the hour formula,
  • the fat burn kick and
  • the calorie brake.

How does the Brigitte diet work in detail?

You are what you eat. Of course, this principle also applies to the Brigitte diet. So if you want to become healthy, be or stay, you can count on a healthy mixed diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and enough protein. If possible, fat should only be present in smaller amounts (maximum 40 grams per day) and in healthy variants.

The amount of energy in women amounts to 1200/1400 kilocalories in the daily schedule. Men are entitled to 300 calories more because their energy needs are usually higher.

You have to eat three meals a day – without snacks because they do not exist during the Brigitte diet.

Recipe suggestions for the daily or weekly schedule are included. However, once you have internalized the basic rules, you can also be creative yourself.

This applies, among other things, in the field of sports and exercise, which also represents an important pillar. It is all about regular exercise, which is continued not only during but also after the diet.

These include, among others:

  • Exercising (especially a mixture of endurance and weight training),
  • Go shopping on foot,
  • Climbing stairs
  • Going for a walk.

The three most important rules

As already briefly indicated, the Brigitte diet is based on three principles:

The hour formula

Nothing should be eaten for four hours between meals. Why? So the body has more time for digestion and burns more fat. In this time to get no hunger attacks, you have to eat long-chained, long-lasting filling carbohydrates. In addition, a ten-hour break is announced overnight.

The fat burn kick

This involves the consumption of protein-rich foods. They especially help in the evening with the burning of fat and replace at this time larger amounts of carbohydrates.

The calorie brake

This is also an effective way to lose weight. It is based on the theory that foods are good when they help you stay full for a long time and do not hinder fat loss. An excess of carbohydrates that do not saturate but increase insulin levels should therefore be avoided. In general, the energy density of the food eaten should be as low as possible, as can be seen in the case of permitted and unauthorized foods.

What is allowed on the plate?

Basically, nothing is forbidden, however, there are certain foods that should preferably be eaten. This includes

  • Vegetables and fruits that do not contain too many carbohydrates,
  • lean meat and corresponding fish and
  • not too fat dairy products.

What should you do without?

Fatty sausage and meat should be avoided. Unfavorable in the sense of the Brigitte diet are:

  • Sweets and pastries,
  • very sweet and calorie drinks as well
  • extremely greasy products.

The disadvantages of the Brigitte diet

Hardly available, because the diet basically allows everything in good measure and also the exercise program can start moderately and can be increased if necessary.

The benefits of the Brigitte diet

An even and long-term weight loss is quite possible. There are no concrete prohibitions that could seriously endanger the diet system. Quick setbacks can be easily compensated over the next few days.


It is a really practical diet, in which no permanent calorie counting is announced. The diet can be really varied and appealing and thus contributes to a long-term change in diet. In addition, the successful combination of contained vitamins, nutrients and exercise contributes to the body getting everything it really needs.

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Fat flush soup to lose weight in 7 days: a recipe with cabbage to detox and burn fat

Soup to lose weight, fat burning soup, detox broth, are you a person looking for a recipe to lose weight quickly? The cabbage soup diet is probably made for you. This express diet is the effective and quick recipe for all those who want to slim down before the summer or lose weight before a wedding. Discover now all you need to know about this slimming soup.

Origin: why does one drink soup to lose weight?

There are several fat burning soups that give fast results, onion, leek … but the most popular soup to lose weight is the cabbage soup. In the 1980s, this soup was given for medical reasons to obese patients who had to lose weight very quickly before undergoing surgery. From there was born the cabbage soup diet. It is a very effective fast regime but it is also a draconian and restrictive regime which therefore includes certain precautions of use. The recipe of the cabbage soup makes it possible to lose weight in a few days and gives almost immediate results.

The recipe

You will discover below, the ingredients necessary for the preparation of the cabbage slimming soup. The soup should contain no fat or sugar but you can season it with a little salt and some spices like ginger or curry to vary the flavors.

The recipe for this slimming soup is not complicated. Simply boil the ingredients for 30min and mix them with a little water to get the consistency you like.

List of ingredients for the cabbage fat-burning soup:

1 fresh cabbage
5 peeled tomatoes
5 large onions
3 green peppers
1 celery stalk
2 cube broths (taste chicken or vegetable)
1 small ginger tuber
Seasoning: a little salt, pepper, a pinch of curry

How does this soup succeed in making you lose weight?

Now you wonder how consuming such soup allows you to lose weight? You should know that this fat flush soup, will be the main food of your meals. You will not consume any fatty or sweet food during the period of the cabbage soup diet so you will automatically lose weight.

On the other hand, as you have noticed, the recipe for this weight loss soup is exclusively composed of vegetables that make you lose weight because they are low in calories: the cabbage soup diet is, therefore, part of low-calorie diets. This means that in addition to avoiding foods that make you fat, you eat foods that make you lose weight. You lose weight twice.

The third point that must be emphasized concerns the main ingredient of this soup: the cabbage. Cabbage has a detox power that helps burn fat. It plays a leading role in the elimination of toxins and is very active in digestion. The cabbage is apparently more effective when consumed in the form of soup. On this side, nothing has really been proven, but in any case, the results of weight loss will be at the rendezvous and faster than you imagine.

When to consume this soup to lose weight?

This is where the difficulties begin. It is not simple to consume only soup to lose weight but you will have to eat this slimming soup morning, noon and evening. The cabbage soup diet is not a long diet, fortunately, but it was designed in such a way that weight loss is rapid and is achieved primarily by focusing on consuming this unique food.

However, in recent years, this diet has evolved and has become somewhat lighter because it now combines the soup with the consumption of other foods, vegetables, and fruits.

Program and menus to lose weight with the fat flush soup

You will have to follow the following menus to letter without exception if you want to lose weight quickly.

Day 1: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + 3 fruit except banana (1 per meal).
Day 2: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + green vegetables steamed or raw (choose vegetables such as courgettes, green beans or peppers, but avoid carrots, potatoes, pumpkins or turnips because they are richer in carbohydrates.
Day 3: Cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + fruits + vegetables.
Day 4: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + possibility of drinking milk (2 glasses max) + possibility of eating bananas (3 max).
Day 5: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + 300g of lean meat to be spread over the day (turkey or chicken).
Day 6: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + vegetables + 300g beef to be spread over the day.
Day 7: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + rice + fruits + vegetables.

Disadvantages to lose weight with cabbage soup

  • Consuming soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be frustrating and overwhelming.
  • There is no phase of weight stabilization, so many people regain weight afterward but generally less than the number of pounds they have responded to lose.
  • Sugar is forbidden, so the cabbage soup is not made for those who want to lose weight by being pleased.
  • Other foods should be banned: no soft drinks, no bread, no alcohol. Gourmets must go their way if they cannot resist these foods.
  • The cabbage soup diet is not recommended if you have bowel problems.
  • This weight loss soup has a diuretic and laxative effect which results in a significant weight loss. That said, weight loss has to be nuanced, you often lose more water than fat.
  • Do not take this diet for more than a week and wait at least 15 days before starting again. You may be exposed to health problems if you do not follow this rule. Talk to your doctor.
  • This diet is not suitable for everyone: not for children, or pregnant women.
  • One must be very motivated to keep this diet because one can often be hungry.
  • There are possibilities of intestinal disorder or headaches because eating only soup to slim down disrupts the eating habits of the body.


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2- Cabbage soup diet: Can it help with weight loss? – Mayo Clinic


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Healthy Eating

4 foods to lower cholesterol

What you eat daily plays a very important role when it comes to lower cholesterol and protecting your heart health.

Having high cholesterol levels may be the result of a diet rich in saturated fats, trans fats, being overweight and/or having a genetic predisposition. If you were diagnosed with high cholesterol, your heart health is at risk because excessive cholesterol can clog your arteries. Your doctor will probably recommend exercise and changes in your diet to lower cholesterol before prescribing a drug. What can you do?

A good idea to lower cholesterol is to reduce the amount of saturated and trans fats you eat. Saturated fats are found in red meat, among other foods; and trans fats are used to make cookies and crackers, pastries or cakes. These fats are particularly harmful because they raise the so – called “bad cholesterol” (LDL) and decrease the so – called “good cholesterol” (HDL). Another good idea is to incorporate into your diet the foods listed below, that for sure, will help to lower cholesterol.

1. Olive oil

It contains a high dose of antioxidants that can lower bad cholesterol and leave intact the good. The FDA recommends 23 grams of olive oil a day to benefit the heart. An easy way to incorporate it into your diet is suffixed to salads or cooking. When buying, always select the “extra virgin” that is the least processed and retains the antioxidant qualities that serve to lower the level of cholesterol.

2. Fish and omega 3 fatty acids

Research has shown the benefits of fatty fish containing omega 3 in abundance. This is good for the heart and reduces cholesterol. Salmon, tuna, sardines have a high content of this fatty acid. I recommend you eat at least two or three servings of fish a week for a heart-healthy low cholesterol diet.

3. Oats

This delicious food contains soluble fiber, known to reduce cholesterol absorption in the intestine. You can have oatmeal at breakfast and throughout the day. You can also find that soluble fiber in other foods such as pinto beans, apples, barley, and prunes.

4. Nuts and almonds

Famous for being a source of good fats, these foods also help maintain a healthy heart, as lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, they help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. A note of caution: walnuts and almonds contain lots of calories, so it is best to consume two ounces or the equivalent of your fist.

The American Heart Association recommends not to overdo consumption of any of these foods because overeating always involves weight gain. And weight gain means endangering the health of the heart.